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Perfect Fit Meals | Brand Building


As Perfect Fit Meals transitioned to a nationwide health and wellness CPG brand, I was tasked with developing a new identity and branding system that would reflect both their core values and new niche, as well as provide logistic guidelines that would ensure consistency and efficiency throughout their many form factors. The exploration began with evaluating the brand currently and aspirationally, first through informal interviews, customer feedback and personal research, then through formal marketing research and focus groups. Once a brand look and voice emerged, a set of standards and key elements were organized so that division teams (sales, web development, distribution, social media, B2B) each had their dedicated reference, and assets were created for partner brands and licensing.

Creative Direction    Design   UX/UI   Photography   Motion Graphics   Project Management & Coordination

PFM tall logo 1920x1080.png

Core system: VIS, corporate, and CPG

letterhead for Staci.png
PFM logo sheet 1 small_edited_edited.jpg

A full identity system complete with trademarked logos and taglines was developed with consideration for  both print and digital reproduction.

While the company’s patented trays and proprietary packaging processes remained, USDA guidelines and customer feedback prompted several package updates, including brighter, more appetizing colors, nutrition keys, an intensity meter and message of affirmation.

An organizational system was also put in place to ensure that the sales team and logistics teams were always up-to-date with their assets and products were being shipped with labelling and POS that matched their regions.

Tandoori chicken tray.png
Roasted Pork Loin in tray_600.png
PFM AH F businesscard-2inx3.png
PFM AH B businesscard-2inx3.png
PFM EF F businesscard-2inx3.png
PFM EF B businesscard-2inx3.png
PFM EC F businesscard-2inx3.png
PFM EC B businesscard-2inx3.png
PFM LA B businesscard-2inx3.png
PFM LA F businesscard-2inx3.png
PFM PA F businesscard-2inx3.png
PFM PA B businesscard-2inx3.png

Online strategy and assets

An online presence was established with a website, social media, goal-specific landing pages, and on Amazon Fresh and e-commerce. A social media strategy was developed and communicated to highlight brand chef and dietitian personalities and also allow roving individuals and brand ambassadors to create content while still remaining true to the brand voice.

PFM website mockup.png
SM I heart PFM.jpg
PFM website MAIN 2_edited.jpg

Partners, licensing and extensions

SM PFM Cooking Light.jpg
Jack Olive for tablet.png
1083_Bateman Meal lineup 1sm.png
3 pack display shipper white.jpg

Club stores

In-store merchandising support was created, including shelf diagrams, a POS catalog, and a cooler with video and still displays that the sales team could offer to retailers.

PFM Cooler example_edited.png
POS video blade.jpg
1123_double sided dangler MECHpaths.png

POS and retailer support

Tradeshows and promotional

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