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When I was originally tasked with starting up a company-sponsored industry newsletter, few people were aware one was already in place. A tabloid-sized laser print folded in half, it contained primarily a list of holidays and a letter from the company president. Seeing the growth potential, I approached the president and asked him what my boundaries were. “You see those buildings on the horizon?” he asked, “Past that.” I took him at his word (and then the  accountants at theirs.) Since there were no immediate clients to answer to, I saw this also as a creative outlet for the art department, and defined a set of parameters – to keep the look cohesive - that they could freely design within. The publication gained traction, which gave account executives additional talking points with clients, as well as opportunities to promote the company’s capabilities, even leading to projects of similar newsletters for clients like Beam Suntory and Cierto.

Editing   Project Management   Design   Copywriting   Photography

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