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Campari Group | Brand Tarot


Initially for RFP purposes, (but reception was so positive they were ultimately printed) The Campari Group wanted to show their chosen brands on tarot cards in the style of the HBO series, “The White Lotus.” Of course this sparked a creative vision more ambitious than the initially allocated resources. Drop out photography of the bottles was provided by the brands, but the idyllic yet ominous settings were composited from custom illustration and existing illustration sourced from stock houses as well as public domain resources, with an occasional AI request to fill a gap or two.

Design & Illustration

23-0881 CA_Tarot cards_SCREEN-01.jpg
23-0881 CA_Tarot cards_SCREEN-02.jpg
23-0881 CA_Tarot cards_SCREEN-04.jpg
23-0881 CA_Tarot cards_SCREEN-05.jpg
23-0881 CA_Tarot cards_SCREEN-06.jpg
23-0881 CA_Tarot cards_SCREEN-07.jpg
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